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This site features autism learning materials, information for parents, and teaching  resources relevant to the learning needs of children with autism.

Individuals with autism require highly individualized programs of instruction and specialized learning materials. We now know that early intervention is critical for these students. Listed below are some of the common symptoms of the disorder: 
  • limited language skills
  • difficulty learning the rules of grammar 
  • echolalia (repeats what is said)
  • difficulty socializing with peers (tends to play alone)
  • spinning objects and doing tasks over and over
  • limited response to sound
  • abnormal  pitch and intonation patterns
  • becomes upset when routines are changed
  • difficulty responding to pictures that contain a lot of detail
  • unusual walk (e.g., walking on tiptoes)
  • head banging or other behaviors that may cause injury to self
  • memorized sentences (may use sentences that are learned as a whole without understanding the meaning of individual words within these sentences).

This new site is under development and will provide information for parents and teachers so that they can better meet the needs of students with autism.

Materials for Children with Autism

Photo Funtastic Language Cards

Picture Symbol Language Activity Book

Communication Board Activities

Academic Communication Associates (ACA)

Academic Communication Associates publishes books, picture cards, and software. The Photo Funtastic Language Cards contain objects without distracting backgrounds. Photo Software such as Flash Pro Teaching Pix 2 can be used to construct communication boards and includes over 10,000 images

ACA Website:

Information About Autism

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA)

ASHA is the national association for speech-language pathologists and audiologists. ASHA publishes professional journals,  materials, and is a source for  helpful information related to autism and other communication disorders.

Autism Research Institute


National Autism Association

National Professional Development Center on Autism Spectrum Disorders

The Autism Society